"Photovoltaic Only" as a choice of specialization to ensure the customer the expertise needed for effective long-term management of its assets. We believe that it is essential to internalize professionals able to act independently on components characterized by higher technological content.
Our skilled technicians are able to provide specialized diagnostic services and remedial activities. Over the years we have consolidated a high-profile technical know-how with first and second level intervention capacity on plants with single and dual-axis tracking systems, on a wide array of monitoring systems and on the main brands of inverters.
Responsiveness of intervention is the key to maintaining plants fully operational for power generation, which is why our corporate organization and our work method were designed to minimize downtimes while maintaining the highest level of profitability.
Our plant control station remotely operates 365 days a year and coordinates our technicians to ensure first response times within a few hours. We have warehouses located throughout Italy and a fleet of work and motor vehicles to manage all interventions in total autonomy and priority.
Real-time knowledge of the ordinary and extraordinary activities - tracked through a ticketing system and dedicated reporting - enables a synergistic dialogue between customer and supplier that promotes continuous improvement of methods of intervention and the development of potential plant optimization.
We have developed a technologic platform that allows us to manage - with complete transparency towards customers – ticketing, monitoring and performance of predictive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance so that the customer is offered Real Time Tracking of each activity conducted through a dedicated App.
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Tailor Made Services
We have the skills and flexibility it takes to design the maintenance plan with the customer that is most suitable to the technical characteristics of the different plants and to the needs of the ownership and the financial institutions

Tailor Made Service
Our philosophy of O&M is aimed at maximizing production while also implementing activities that allow make it possible to monitor and maintain top performance of the plant throughout its entire life.

We implement a process of Total Quality Management which relies on the capacity of the Control Room to manage the entire process of predictive, ordinary and corrective maintenance in a proactive and integrated manner for the entire portfolio of plants.

Each plant is managed by a dedicated Key Account, as unique reference point to handle the customer's needs throughout the chain of service: monitoring, management of maintenance and analysis of ex-post performance.
Control Room