Commercial management

Maximum Control, Minimum Contingencies: Pure Management

Based on a thorough understanding of the requirements of photovoltaic plants, we are able to provide a complete, integrated and proactive service that covers all aspects relating to cash management of the special purpose vehicle liquidity, to administration of plants' life and to regulatory and authorization compliance towards the competent Bodies.

  • verification of cash flows both in relation to bills for the sales of electricity as well the incentive;
  • management of payments to suppliers;
  • control of correct execution of the financing contract with reference to the calculation of interest and related covenants (DSCR, Cash Sweep, D/E, DSRA, etc.)
  • cash flow forecasting.
  • management of disclosure obligations to funding agencies: production reporting, financial reporting and calculation of indices of compliance with project covenants;
  • liaison with land owners in order to maintain correct neighborly relations in line with the contractual provisions;
  • search for suppliers of goods and services, including insurance companies, security firms, connectivity, procurement of electricity, benefiting from economies of scale of a broad portfolio of plants managed in order to choose the best operators in terms of price and quality of supplies;
  • reporting to the Ownership, in order to provide an accurate picture of the investment performance and evolution of sector regulations;
  • management of the relationship with the insurance regarding claims and related recovery tasks;
  • management of guarantees in the event of claims to the suppliers of components;
  • management of the special purpose vehicle of the plants on behalf of the Ownership as attorneys or administrators.
  • management of the relationship with all the bodies involved in the authorization process to maintain in full effect the authorization in the observance of all the imposed constraints and agreements with public bodies;
  • relationship with the GSE regarding the invoicing of accounts and the, verification of coherency between subsidized production versus actual production and execution of all other required formalities;
  • strict compliance with the deadlines imposed by the AEEGSI ;
  • including unbundling, survey of producers and payment of the annual fee;
  • management of the relationship with the Agenzie delle Dogane with regard to the annual statements of consumption, management of operating licenses or company code, payment of annual operating license fees;
  • management of relationships with TERNA and the local distribution network operator.
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