Our expertise at your service: Pure Efficiency

Our industry specialization and consolidated experience as developers, investors and technical service providers allows us to effectively support our customers in the expansion of their portfolio of photovoltaic plants.

We offer a customized and targeted service, accompanying the customer throughout the procurement process: these services include the search for plants up for sale that are in line with the shared targets, technical, administrative and legal due-diligence, planning of the transaction, up to negotiation with counterparties and, lastly, transfer of asset ownership.

Investment Process Support
We are able to support our customers throughout the entire investment process:
  • the phase of scouting and identification of investment opportunities in the market on the basis of technical, geographical and performance parameters indicated by the customer
  • the phase of economic/financial evaluation of investments
  • the phase of negotiation with the seller
  • the relationship with funding agencies during the transfer of control
….up to the transfer of ownership of the asset in satisfaction of the investor's profitability requirements.

Technical Due Diligent
We provide a highly specialized and efficient service of Due Diligence suitable for every need, both during the acquisition of a plant and for the enforcement of guarantees or litigation.

We cover all technical aspects, ranging from the documental analysis to performance assessment, from design analysis, to technical inspections and instrumental tests. Our approach is aimed both at providing a snapshot of the status for an accurate assessment of the value of investment and at identifying the activities and the costs required to improve plant efficiency and generate growth of investment value over time.
Independent Assessment of Performances
We perform independent assessment of plant performances through documentary analysis, monitoring and instrumental control in the field:
  • redundancy of the monitoring system for predefined periods;
  • remote evaluation and recalculation of performance indices;
  • verification and recalculation of the performance index by means of field instruments;
  • in-field check-up and calibration of surveying instruments;

  • specialist instrumental analysis to verify the efficiency of the components.
Legal Due Diligence Support
We assist our clients during legal due diligence of the plant, identifying potential risks and the critical issues that require verification, as well as the possible and appropriate actions to implement.

We offer a "hands on" approach in the analysis of the authorization process of the plant and power interconnection, as well as in monitoring compliance of the permits obtained and plant As-Built design.

We are able to provide a legal check-up of the plant designed to deliver an actual picture of the status quo to the plant owners and its legal team with the identification of critical issues and risks mitigation.