Andrea Muncivi

Head of Engineering and Foreign Activities

Andrea holds a master degree magna cum laude in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova. In 2010 Andrea joined the general contractor IBC SOLAR AG where he covered first the role of Project Engineer and then of Project Manager and director of several construction sites. After having followed the construction of several sites in Italy, in 2013 he moved to Asia where he first coordinated the engineering team of the Chinese subsidiary and then joined the business development team in Japan where he also had responsibilities over the construction of a number of large-scale solar systems. After a brief experience in the off-grid Mexican solar market he moved back to Japan where, as deputy director of ADLER Solar Works, he contributed to the development of the O&M and consultancy business of the Company within the Japanese market. He has consultancy experience on over 200 MW of solar systems connected to the high voltage and ultra-high voltage Japanese grids. In early 2018 Andrea joined Stern Energy where he coordinates the technical activities of the Company in the UK and contributes to the ongoing internationalization activities.