Aljosha Stefan Torri

President and Co-Founder

CEO e Co-Founder

Stefan holds a degree in Business Administration at the University of Parma and has been a lecturer in numerous courses in programming and energy management. He consolidated its training by working as a consultant for strategic planning and development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency systems for Enia SpA (now Iren) where he held the position of Director of Enia Solaris administration, a group company created to the development of large photovoltaic power plants and is responsible for the rational use of energy under law 10/91 (Energy Manager). Since 2005 he has been consultant of several companies for the development of energy efficiency projects and managing all formalities for the emissions trading legislation. Stefan was Lampogas SpA board member and is currently in the Board of Directors of Polish Solar Ltd based in London. Stefan is also Member of the Commission for Internationalization of Assorinnovabili.Commissione per l’Internazionalizzazione di Elettricità Futura. Stefan is also Managing Director of Stern Energy Ltd ed Managing Directors of Stern & Partners Srl and Stern & partners II Srl.