Ernesto Magnani
Executive President e Co-Founder

Ernesto graduated in Business Administration from the University of Parma, and after two years of work experience in the US has been involved for more than ten years in the construction sector. He was a member of the board of directors F.S.F. srl construction company specialized in remote-controlled drilling, of which he became president in 2000, in 2001 he became Vice President and Managing Director of the Special Foundations Group SpA, leader in the specialized construction sector (the parent company of Rodio Geotechnik AG of Zurich (CH) , Rodio Spezialtiefbau Gmbh of Berlin (GER), Special Foundation France Sas Paris (FRA) Special Foundation Branch Algerie in Algiers (ALG)), until May 2007 when the company was sold to the Spanish group Terratest. From May 2013 Ernesto is also chief executive of Polish solar Ltd based in London. Ernesto is Member of the Commission for taxation matters of Elettricità Futura. Ernesto is also Managing Director of Stern Energy Ltd ed Managing Directors of Stern & Partners Srl and Stern & partners II Srl.
Aljosha Stefan Torri
CEO e Co-Founder

Stefan holds a degree in Business Administration at the University of Parma and has been a lecturer in numerous courses in programming and energy management. He consolidated its training by working as a consultant for strategic planning and development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency systems for Enia SpA (now Iren) where he held the position of Director of Enia Solaris administration, a group company created to the development of large photovoltaic power plants and is responsible for the rational use of energy under law 10/91 (Energy Manager). Since 2005 he has been consultant of several companies for the development of energy efficiency projects and managing all formalities for the emissions trading legislation. Stefan was Lampogas SpA board member and is currently in the Board of Directors of Polish Solar Ltd based in London. Stefan is also Member of the Commission for Internationalization of Assorinnovabili.Commissione per l’Internazionalizzazione di Elettricità Futura. Stefan is also Managing Director of Stern Energy Ltd ed Managing Directors of Stern & Partners Srl and Stern & partners II Srl.
Andrea Bandini
Head of O&M Services

Andrea, after a brief experience in a design studio as a freelancer, began to work on the MV electrical distribution network development at Enia SpA (now AEM Torino Distribuzione SpA - Iren Group), paying particular attention to special projects and connections of large photovoltaic plants. Since 2011 he began his cooperation with Stern Energy SpA working on the development of new photovoltaic plants and then appointed to plants’ technical management. Currently he holds the position of responsible for all the technical management of the entire plant portfolio. Andrea coordinates a team of 20 people who preside over the monitoring activities, Emergency Services, O&M and unscheduled services, as well as all sub-suppliers. He follows relationship with key clients and he also follows the contractual obligation for the O&M contracts. Andrea is responsible for technical due diligence and technical activities for the new PV plant acquisitions of Stern Energy companies.
Andrea Muncivi
Head of Engineering and Foreign Activities

Andrea holds a master degree magna cum laude in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova. In 2010 Andrea joined the general contractor IBC SOLAR AG where he covered first the role of Project Engineer and then of Project Manager and director of several construction sites. After having followed the construction of several sites in Italy, in 2013 he moved to Asia where he first coordinated the engineering team of the Chinese subsidiary and then joined the business development team in Japan where he also had responsibilities over the construction of a number of large-scale solar systems. After a brief experience in the off-grid Mexican solar market he moved back to Japan where, as deputy director of ADLER Solar Works, he contributed to the development of the O&M and consultancy business of the Company within the Japanese market. He has consultancy experience on over 200 MW of solar systems connected to the high voltage and ultra-high voltage Japanese grids. In early 2018 Andrea joined Stern Energy where he coordinates the technical activities of the Company in the UK and contributes to the ongoing internationalization activities. 

Alfredo Beggi
Head of Sales and Business Development

Alfredo, graduated in Economics at Bocconi University of Milan and began working in a consulting company as analyst for the evaluation of investments in the field of Transport and Energy. At the same time he worked as an assistant to Prof. Florio, University of Milan in courses Public Investment Evaluation and Cost Benefit Analysis. In 2007 he joined Engie Group (formerly GdFSuez SA) as Strategy and Business Development for the gas distribution company of the Group (now 2iRete Gas SpA) and since 2010 as Business Developer for the Renewable Holding of Engie Group, where he gained significant experience on different technologies (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric) and the Energy markets. Starting from 2016 he hold the position of Head of Sales and Asset Mngt for Stern Energy SpA. Alfredo is also Member of the Commission for Energy Market of Elettricità Futura and of the O&M Task Force at Solar Power Europe.
Giovanni Corazza
Head of JobSite Works & Special Projects

Giovanni, graduated in Civil Engineering at University of L’Aquila. In 2009 he started his working experience in PV world at Enerpoint, L’Aquila. The project provided the installation of 6,1 MWp plants on 180 rooftops. In 2011 he participated to the construction of 2 large scale plants with total capacity of 10 MWp in Teramo province. Afterwards he participated to the design of civil works for 25,6 MWp plants on greenhouses in Sardinia and he followed the construction and the O&M activities for the plants.

In 2013 he joined Stern Energy as responsible for ordinary maintenance for greening and module cleaning on the whole Stern’s portfolio.

He is actually responsible for the management and implementation of all extraordinary works:  civil, mechanical and electrical.

Sisto Comerci
Head of Quality and HSE

Sisto graduated in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin. In 2008 he started his work experience in PV world at technical studio dealing with design, authorization permits and Due Diligence, continuing to collaborate with the Polytechnic of Turin carried out efficiency tests on PV plants. In 2011, he joined Opde Italy, taking care of tenders and document management during the construction period, and then moving to the O&M and asset management of photovoltaic plants. From 2013 he began to approach the HSE sector, training over the years as RSPP, Safety Coordinator and finally Environment and Safety Auditor, UNI EN ISO 19011: 2018, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015. At the beginning of 2016 he joined Stern Energy dealing with monitoring and O&M and then, after few years, he was appointed HSE director, leading the company to obtain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications in 2019.