Wood pellet are a renewable source: woody biomass, in comparison with fossil fuels, when produced with sustainability criteria as we do, does not affect natural resources for future generations and contributes to reduce the greenhouse effect. Due to its high energy content and to its competitive price, pellet is an attractive alternative to diesel and LPG.

Pellet is practical, eco-friendly, clean! Pellet is a modern synthesis of efficiency and convenience of an ancient fuel: the wood. .

More than being only an attractive alternative to fossil fuels, it is a very efficiently natural fuel. Unlike firewood, pellets has a water content controlled and small enough to allow a very efficient combustion process and therefore significant energy saving and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality
Stern Energy Pellets meets the UNI 14961-2 requirements, on which is based ENplus A1 certification and it’s analyzed periodically.
Water content (M): 5.2%
Ash content (A): 0.5%
Mechanical durability: = 97.5%
Net Calorific Value (Q):> 5.2 kWh / kg
Sulfur (S): 0.02%
Fine particles: <1%
Bulk Density: = 680 kg / mq
Ash Melting Mehaviour: 1400 ° C
Sustainable choices
Sustainable choices
To import pellet we chose to use the “Borsa Trasporti”: thanks to an on-line platform pellet travels on lorries returning from Poland, otherwise empty; in this way they can optimize their load. Lower transport costs makes and SternEnergy pellet even more sustainable.

Our packaging Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

The forests from which our pellet comes from are publicly owned and managed by the National Polish Forest Service that ensures the main forest ecosystem functions, biodiversity conservation of water resources maintenance.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Stern Energy, as an accredited Energy Service Company (ESCO) offers a third-party financing service (energy performance contracts) in order to optimize energy efficiency through boilers replacement of and heat supply.

In this type of contract Stern Energy bears the investment risk and expenses, providing technology and carries out the plant maintenance, including on-site interventions.
The ESCO’s primary goal is to get and to share the savings improving energy efficiency performances for its customers.
Stern Energy reliability and expertise is deriving from the constant pursuit of the best technical and financial solutions for every single customer.
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